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Smart Basement Remodeling Ideas to Try this 2022

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Spaces need to be utilized especially that a square meter of land, regardless of location, now generally costs $17, 000 in the United States, significantly higher compared to Canada and other countries in the East. And do you know the most efficient way to ensure that you are fully utilizing each square foot of your lot? It is to remodel and use your basement space.  

Gone are the days that we treat basements as a space to store materials and objects that we find infrequent to use and leave the space dirty, old, and dark — one of the reasons why several horror films find basements as a fitting place for ghost stories.  

This year, we should go away from the traditional trend and make the space of use.   

To help you have a good kickstart, here are the things you can do!  

First, use reflective surfaces such as mirrors and glasses, an advised by experts in THA home additions Toronto. These materials’ reflective nature makes the basement look bigger than its actual size. This is very effective since basements basically have low ceilings and tighter spaces compared to the rest of the house’s compartments. Basement bathrooms, for instance, can significantly benefit from this, although when transforming the basement into an extra bedroom or entertainment space, mirrors and glass are still advantageous.   

The second effective tip is to ensure good lighting, whether installing lights well or making sure of grabbing natural light as much as you can. Wall lights are preferable since it gives a luxurious feel to the basement’s space but top light that is three times brighter than the former will definitely surround the whole space with illumination. Of course, this depends on where you strategically put the lights and the quality of lights you install (besides the lights’ voltage and watts). Additionally, just because you can install lights, does not mean you stop there. Allowing more natural light can be both energy-saving and pretty. You can achieve this by choosing a lighter paint for the basement, using glass balustrades on the staircase, and/or having roof windows or glazed exterior panels. To add, having more natural light reduces the need to turn on top lights or lamps during the day.   

The third efficient tip is for storage. Basement renovations do not need to extract its function of being a storage area. Whether as an extra bedroom or living room, you can still dedicate some spaces for important storage by installing sliding doors, putting on shelves, and/or having cupboards. You can either put storage under the bed or some shelves on the wall.   

The fourth tip is to shy away from boring renovation ideas and make your basement an extension for fun activities. Your basement can be a good space for entertainment activities like a billiard room, family bar, wine storage, or a game room. Just ensure that the space is properly prepped and has good ventilation, paired with good lighting and good materials.   


While there are several tips that we can share, we think that installing reflective surfaces and storage spaces, good lighting, having more natural light, and making the basement an entertainment room are the top tips among all. So, what are you waiting for? Try them now! 

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